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Healthy Eating Tips for Travelling

Whether you have special dietary needs or simply don’t want to throw yourself off your routine, travelling can be a bit of a curve ball. Being in a different place, on a different schedule, doing different things makes it very easy to slip out of your good habits. Following the tips below will help you avoid this, and ensure an easy transition when you return.

Pack What You Can

At this stage, we all know that there are strict regulations regarding hand luggage, but hold luggage is a different story. If you are travelling within the EU, you should be able to bring anything you bought legally in Ireland to your destination, assuming you pack in reasonable quantities. If you are travelling to destinations outside the EU, such as Australia, there may be very strict regulations in place. Identify what you want to bring, check online to see if it is prohibited, and make sure to declare everything before you land.

Research Your Destination

After checking for prohibited food items, it is important to research the exact location you will be staying in while you are away. Don’t assume that you can just buy your food there, as depending on where you are going, there may be fewer shops, or supplies may come in from a different source. If you are heading to a far-flung location, try and find out what the main supermarket chains are, and locate one near where you will be staying, rather than just heading to the only shop you can see when you arrive.

Research Alternatives

Depending on your dietary requirements, you may have specific needs that you want met. In Ireland, you may eat lots of spinach and red meat to address an iron deficiency for example. But if you are travelling to South America, you may find it easier and more affordable to eat shrimp and beans, which are also high in iron, but more plentiful in many places in South America.

Plan Your Day

Even if you pack what you need and do your research, it won’t be much use if you are lying on a beach 50 miles from your bag. Before heading out on an excursion, make sure you know how long you’ll be travelling, and what the food options will be along the way and once you arrive. If it seems like you will be limited, pack whatever you can to keep you going, such as nuts and seeds. This will prevent you from finding yourself starving on a long country road, buying mystery meat from a cart.

Pack Supplements

Depending on your trip and dietary needs, some of the above advice may not always be possible. If you have done your research properly before jetting off, you should know what you will or won’t have access to. If this is the case, supplements may be your best option, just be sure to research whether or not the supplements you are packing can be brought in as well, or you may find yourself completely stuck. Herbal supplements in particular, especially those bought online (which you should not take unless advised to do so by a professional) will always attract the attention of customs.