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Vegetarian Diet Advice

Vegetarianism is a type of diet usually excluding meat, poultry and fish. Plant based diets can be nutritionally adequate, however excluding so many food groups can have its own health implications if you don’t take care to make up for these gaps in your diet. If you follow a vegetarian diet, it is important to ensure that you are getting all the minerals and nutrients that you require to maintain a healthy body.


What To Expect

Our qualified and expert dietitians at Spectrum Nutrition will provide you with simple and practical tips to ensure your diet is fully balanced. You will not be judged for your decision to change to a vegetarian or vegan state. If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy our dietitians can also help to ensure that your diet is meeting the needs or you and your baby.


Your first consultation with the dietitian will involve an analysis of your dietary intake, lifestyle habits and body measurements with a particular focus on nutrients of concern. Our dietitians will examine your food choices and assess the nutritional adequacy of your diet. They will then make recommendations and modifications to your eating habits to ensure your meals are nutritious and completely balanced.

Our Expertise

The dietitians at Spectrum Nutrition have a responsibility to support and encourage those who express an interest in consuming a vegetarian diet or are already following a vegetarian or vegan diet. They play key roles in educating you about food sources of specific nutrients, food purchase and preparation, and any dietary modifications that may be necessary to meet your needs. The skills of Spectrum Nutrition dietitians lie in the assessment your individual needs, risks and potential problems and deciding on how best they can be addressed.