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Nutrition in Elderly Care

The natural ageing process can have quite an impact on nutritional levels. The majority of elderly live independently and many struggle to prepare meals that contain all of the essential nutrients. Many may not realise that their nutritional status is impaired which can lead to malnutrition and serious illness over time, hence the importance of proper nutrition in elderly care. 


What To expect

Spectrum Nutrition dietitians will provide you with some simple meal plans and advice that will help to ensure adequate nutritional levels are maintained and that malnutrition is avoided. With the support of our dietitians, your fully balanced diet will help to prevent some of the adverse effects of the natural ageing process.



The recommended nutritional requirements change for older adults so it is important to be aware of these changing needs so that they can be incorporated into the diet. Our dietitians can monitor your dietary intake, evaluate your specific needs and make dietary recommendations and modifications based on their findings.

Our Expertise

Our Dietitians play a key role in the nutrition of the elderly ensuring that optimal health and nutrition is maintained throughout the ageing process. Our dietitians have the expertise and the know-how to support you and ensure that you are receiving the required amount of nutrients and minerals in your daily meals.