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Food Intolerance

If you suspect that you may have a food intolerance but are uncertain which foods trigger the reaction our dietitians can help you identify this through a method known as an elimination process/diet. Often people with food intolerances do not have the right assistance and may be misinformed. More often than not, those with a food intolerance may be at risk of certain deficiencies as they have not replaced the nutrients lost from the provoking foods. 


What To expect

With the help of our dietitian you won’t feel like your intolerance is limiting you or impacting on your quality of life. Our dietitians will help to keep your diet safe yet varied and interesting as well as ensuring that it is nutritionally adequate for your needs.



Your first appointment will involve an initial dietary assessment. During this assessment the dietitian will explore your eating patterns, carry out an assessment of your nutritional intake and dietary habits, exercise and lifestyle habits, medical history, medications and symptom history. This will allow us to make an accurate diagnosis. Following this the dietitian may advocate an elimination diet.

Our Expertise

Our dietitians can help with the following food intolerances; Gluten Intolerance (Coeliac Disease), Lactose Intolerance and Wheat Intolerance.

Our dietitians provide dietary guidance and support for people suffering with food intolerances. Receiving professional dietary advice and assistance from a registered dietitian not only ensures a balanced nutritional intake but can also help to relieve the frustration and annoyance generated by a food intolerance. Our dietitians will make dietary recommendations that will allow you to easily plan your meals omitting ‘problematic’ foods.