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Ciara Mc Keown, Nutritionist


Qualification & Education

Ciara is a registered Nutritionist with Association for Nutrition. From a young age Ciara has always been interested in food and cooking and throughout her career this turned into a huge interest in nutrition and how you can prevent disease with nutrition. This led her to receiving an honours degree in Human Nutrition in Northumbria University Newcastle, 2016. She then began to see the bigger picture that poor nutrition was a public problem among many age groups and that directed her to undertake a master’s in Public Health in University College Dublin, 2017.

She is an advocate for health promotion and her passion lies in making healthy lifestyles available for all.


Since graduation, she has worked as a Nutritionist across the community presenting nutrition and lifestyle information, advice and disseminating research to non-academic audiences with a focus of promoting the publics health. She has also worked on the COSI study across multiple schools carrying out anthropometric measurements on children. She is passionate about promoting the ease of cooking healthy meals at home. She runs a blog where she shares content on healthy meals, nutrition and lifestyle information.

She stands by the saying ‘Everything in moderation’.


  • Healthy Eating
  • Weight Management for adults
  • Weight Management for children
  • Gut Health
  • Sports Nutrition