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Cathy Kolbohm-Kelleher, Nutritionist


Qualification & Education

Cathy is a Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist and is registered with The Nutrition Society and the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Cathy graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science in 2013 and has completed further Post Grad Qualifications in Nutrition Science and Sports Nutrition which is now the area she specialises in. Cathy has 12 years’ experience working in the area of sports, exercise and nutrition science. Cathy is also qualified as a 1st Class Honours NCEF Fitness Instructor from the University of Limerick and has been certified as a level 3 Phlebotomist. In addition to being skilled in intravenous blood taking she is trained and can carry out a wide range of physiological tests.


Cathy has experience working in a wide range of settings including a university, private medical sector, a freelance setting consulting with individuals on a one to one basis and also group settings including athletes and sports teams. Her main areas of expertise include weight loss, sports, exercise and performance nutrition, research, nutrition for wellbeing and general lifestyle changes.

Cathy is passionate about working with individuals, groups, team and athletes to help them to optimise their nutrition, sports and day to day performance, health, wellbeing and overall fitness.

In addition, she has a diverse background working in the fitness and health sector as a clinical practitioner advising patients on nutrition and lifestyle changes. She has also worked in a university as a nutrition research scientist working in the area of nutrition and dietary interventions for healthy ageing. This has provided her with the knowledge, practical, analytical and most importantly the interpersonal skills required to provide an individualised and personalised approach for her clients. She has the necessary skills to effectively coach, educate, motivate and support clients to achieve their goals.

Cathy is passionate about helping clients to achieve their desired body composition, lose weight, or optimise sports performance including GAA, Runners, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Triathletes, Boxers, and Gymnasts. Or if you just want to get fitter, healthier and improve your wellbeing, Cathy is the nutritionist for you. She also extensively studied psychology and behaviour change in her academic studies and uses these techniques with her interventions.


Cathy’s passion for nutrition, health and fitness also carries through to her own personal life and she enjoys strength and conditioning training, running and hiking outdoors and has a strong interest in a range of sports as a spectator and also participating at amateur level.


  • Weight Management & Body Recomposition
  • Sports & Performance Nutrition
  • IBS
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Diets
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Dietary & Nutritional Analysis
  • Improved Energy & Wellbeing
  • Digestive Health