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What Should I Eat After A Run?

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Eating the right amount of protein and carbohydrates immediately after exercise can assist with protein synthesis and carbohydrate replacement. As a general guide, athletes should consume 1-2 of the following snacks after exercise, each of which provide 50g of carbohydrate and 10g of protein:


  • 250-350ml of milkshake or fruit smoothie
  • 2 x 150g tubs of low fat yogurt
  • Bowl of breakfast cereal and milk
  • 150g tub of yoghurt topped with sprinkle of breakfast cereal
  • 250g tin of baked beans or spaghetti plus 2 slices of bread
  • 1 sandwich including cheese/meat/chicken in filling plus one piece of fruit
  • 1 tub of yogurt and a cereal bar
  • 2 crumpets with a thick spread of peanut butter
  • 250g (large) baked potato with cottage cheese or grated cheese filling
  • Pot low-fat yogurt + banana
  • Breakfast bar + low fat flavoured milk
  • Ham/turkey/tuna sandwich
  • Fig rolls/jaffa cakes + yogurt drink
  • Dinner based on a starchy carbohydrate food, e.g. spaghetti bolognaise, tuna pasta or a chicken and rice dish

If you feel like you can’t stomach solid food immediately after a run, try drinking some chocolate milk. Chocolate milk provides plenty of protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins.

And don’t forget to rehydrate with water or a sports drink after your run!