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How to Shed Those Christmas Pounds

Every year we tell ourselves that we will take it easy on the indulgence over the Christmas season and every year the temptation grows and grows until we are overcome by the turkey, desserts and seasonal treats. This is followed by an impulse New Year’s resolution purchase of a pricey gym membership and a painful diet.

This is the biggest mistake people make because they are not addressing the issue at hand. You need to look at what has caused you to gain weight and how you can counteract these factors to bring you back to a normal, regulated diet and exercise regime.

Avoiding Weight Gain During the Holiday Season

Some people view the concept of "holiday pounds" as part and parcel of the Christmas package. After all, for many of us it is a season to indulge ourselves and to be spoilt. But we all know that putting on weight is a lot easier than taking it off, so here are a few tips to help keep the holiday weight away and avoid the necessity of unrealistic New Year's resolutions.