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Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

When it comes to metabolism, it can seem like a real luck-of-the-draw situation as to whether yours will be fast or slow. While some people can seemingly eat what they want and never change, others who watch what they eat and exercise can still struggle to manage their weight. It is widely believed that your metabolism is what it is, and will only slow down with age. But this is a big area of interest for many involved in health and fitness, and studies have shown that there are natural ways to boost your metabolism. Below is a list of techniques and tips to give your body a little extra fighting power against the calories you consume.


If science is anything to go by, the most important meal of the day is exactly that. Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast are anywhere from 2 to 5 times as likely to become obese. This is partly because skipping breakfast makes it more likely that you will snack on less healthy options later on, and order larger portions. But eating when you first rise also helps kick start your metabolism for the day, so skipping breakfast will mean that you are not running on full power.

Don’t Chop, Change

When we are trying to lose weight, there are two main avenues we can go down: exercise, and diet. While these are most effective when done in conjunction with one another, you must be careful not to take the diet aspect too far. Men need about 2,500 calories a day, while women need about 2,000. If you cut too much out of your diet and fail to reach these numbers, your body will slow down your metabolism, as it thinks that it needs to conserve energy.

Fibre can help boost your metabolism by up to 30%, and protein by as much as 35%. For post-menopausal women, a demographic that commonly suffers from iron deficiency, the level of iron intake should be increased with things like spinach and beans.

Eat & Soak Vitamin D

The healthier your tissues are, the more effective your metabolism will be. Vitamin D is essential for this, but unfortunately, the majority of adults do not get enough of it. Spending time in the sun is one way to increase your vitamin D, and walking will help too. Unfortunately, this is Ireland, so you may be limited in how often you can soak up the sun. Fortunately, Ireland has an enormous salmon industry, and just one serving is enough to provide you with almost all of your daily allowance of vitamin D. Just make sure to choose wild salmon, as farmed salmon are far less rich in benefits.

Avoid Excessive Drinking

You don’t have to quit the elixir of life altogether, but the harsh reality is that drinking alcohol has a major impact on your metabolic rate. The stronger the alcohol, the more energy your body will have to divert to breaking it down. Drinking spirits can reduce your metabolism by as much as 73% for the ensuing hours, so think carefully about when, what, and how much you are comfortable drinking.

There are no miracle wonder techniques that will forever change the effectiveness of your metabolism, but these changes may be enough for you to see a noticeable difference over time. Broadly speaking, the “average adult” is said to put on up to about 5% of their body weight each year, so a few small changes could easily help you account for that, and manage your weight without any drastic lifestyle changes.