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Dressing For Your Workout


Workouts are important to enhance both health and fitness. Equally important when it comes to exercise is the kind of outfit you turn up in. Wearing the wrong materials and wrong choice of clothes will hamper your performance and your ability to stretch and go that all important extra mile.

Dressing for your workout shouldn’t be too hard. Check out a few of our top tips below:

Clothes Should Fit

Many people like to hide their bodies inside t-shirts and baggy pants while exercising, but it’s important that workout clothes not only fit the kind of fitness exercises you are engaged in, but also fit your type of body. The last thing you should ever do is wear clothes that hamper the way you exercise.

Choice of Fabrics Is Important

The last thing you want while stretching in the gym is to tear your trousers, (especially in the middle!). You also don’t want clothes that will trip you up while working out. As such, choose those fabrics that are not only durable, but stretchy, for example spandex and polyester.

Moisture Wick Types of Material

High impact workouts like martial arts, jogging and aerobics go perfectly well with moisture wick types of fabrics. Such fabrics have a way of keeping the body really cool and ensuring no moisture is left on the skin which can affect performance.  

Mind the Weather

Those who love exercising outside should always observe the weather before commencing their exercise. In the case of strong winds or rain you might want to have a skin protective outer layer. During winter months have your hands, head and ears covered and dress up in removable layers.

Reflective Material

Working out along the road or in a busy neighbourhood during rainy or fog can be dangerous without reflective material. Wear some kind of reflective item for your workout to remain visible to motorists and cyclists on the same road/path you are using.

What to Wear At the Gym

Dressing for your workout in a public place such as the gym requires that you wear comfortable clothes and perhaps flattering choices. Go for stretchy or loose fitting clothe and buy clothes made from synthetic fibres and other lightweight materials, which are absorbent and breathable.

Wear appropriate shoes at the gym for strong and solid body support. Certain shoes are made for different types of activities for example, footwear fit for intensive cardio workouts or resistance training.

Dressing Up For Walking

One of the easiest yet effective workouts is walking. It allows you to exercise for optimum health and fitness, think as you train and meet up with friends. It might not be one of the highest impact workouts, but you will be putting your feet through their paces, therefore the right choice of footwear is important. Walking shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet can help prevent injuries such as blisters and calluses. A walking shoe should also be fairly lightweight and provide good shock absorption. 


When choosing clothes for a sport such as tennis, remember the workout involves diverse movements. Go for pieces of clothing that allow you to serve, swivel, twist, kick, run and make many other sudden movements flexibly.