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How To Eat Intuitively This Festive Period

For most people, Christmas is one of the best times of the year. It is a time when we get to indulge and treat ourselves to a variety of presents and treats without feeling guilty. But as fun as it may be, letting yourself go too crazy can mean you spend most of next year trying to shed the pounds you put on in a few short weeks. To help address this issue, we’ve laid out a few tips to help you treat yourself without mistreating your body.

Don’t Skip Meals

One of the most famous staples of the holiday season is the Christmas party. Whether it be with family, friends, or colleagues, most people will attend at least one or two each year. And as much as we may complain about how lame events like these are, most of us do enjoy the spread of food and drink that comes with them. The problem is when people skip meals to save room for these events. Not only are many of these foods high in sugar and fat, but people will show up hungrier than usual, and generally eat more than usual. While there is no problem in enjoying these foods, you should remember that they are treats, not dinner, so don’t starve yourself all day and then go nuts for these fattening foods.

Adjust Your Existing Meals

Even if you don’t skip meals, you may still want to make some temporary adjustments to your diet. As stated above, most Christmas food, whether it’s shortbread or turkey, is pretty high in fat. The fact is you will almost certainly be eating more treats than usual, so to counteract this, you should make sure what you eat at home is healthier than usual. Salads, cereals, grains, beans, and raw or dry-roasted nuts are a few examples of healthy options that will fill you up and give you energy throughout the day, and will give you some wiggle room later on.

Make Soup

Soup is the perfect winter food because it is warming, portable, filling, easily reheated, and can be made of anything you like. This is a great way to ensure that you fill up on healthy food before heading off to parties with huge spreads.

Vitamin D

Most of our Vitamin D comes from sunlight, so we tend to have less during winter. Most people know that Vitamin D helps our bones absorb calcium, but what many people do not realise is that it is also thought to be an appetite suppressant. With less in our system during the most indulgent part of the year, this can be a dangerous combination, so it is important to top up your levels of Vitamin D. Things like cheese, eggs, tuna, and salmon can all be great sources of vitamin D, and can be easily incorporated into you daily diet.

When it comes to Christmas, the food is one of the most popular elements of the entire season. By no means should you feel guilty for or forbidden from partaking in these festive foods, just try to do so responsibly. By eating properly, healthily, and regularly, you can easily allow yourself to have a few goodies without having to worry about what it will do to your health.