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Weight Maintenance

Weight maintenance is often found to be more of a challenge than weight loss as once the target weight has been achieved motivation to stick to healthy habits often dwindles allowing the weight to creep back on. 

What to Expect

The aim of treatment is to maintain your current weight therefore the changes will be subtle and gradual so that there are no dramatic implications to your daily routine or drastic measures that are hard to follow.

How We Can Help

Your first appointment with the dietitian will involve an assessment of your current eating habits and patterns and will undertake a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your diet. Our dietitians will identify which methods supported you in achieving your target weight and will devise a plan for you with this in mind.


Our Expertise

Our dietitians have years of experience when it comes to dealing with weight loss and maintenance. They have been trained on various dietary approaches and behavioural strategies and can identify which approach is most suited to you.

Our dietitians are aware that ‘no one size fits all’, so what might work for you might not necessarily work well for someone else. The dietitians at Spectrum Nutrition are up to date with research and advice provided is based on national guidelines.

Weight Maintenance
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