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Nutrition in Cancer Care

Nutrition in Cancer care plays a very important role as there are several nutritional implications that often occur when somebody is suffering with Cancer. This may cause under nutrition/malnutrition and further complications for the individual. 

It has been found that up to 40% of people with cancer suffer from protein-energy malnutrition making Dietitians a key member of the team involved in cancer care. 


What to Expect

Different cancers have different effects on everyone so our dietitians can assess your individual nutritional and energy levels and provide nutritional support and advice where inadequacies are found. We will also work with other members of the multi- disciplinary team involved in your care to ensure that all aspects of your treatment and health are considered. The overall focus of treatment with our dietitians is to ensure optimal nutrition and energy and to minimise the nutritional consequences of the symptoms and side-effects of treatment.


Your first appointment will involve a dietary assessment which will explore your eating patterns, an assessment of your nutritional intake and dietary habits, exercise and lifestyle habits, medical history, medications, treatment and symptom history. This will give the dietitian all the information needed to devise a plan for you that will ensure that your nutritional and hydration needs are being met. Often your diet will need to be fortified with energy and nutrients to prevent weight loss and improve response to treatment.


Our Expertise

There are several nutritional implications that often occur when suffering with Cancer. The physical effects of cancer and treatment such as vomiting, nausea, dysphagia and pain may affect your ability to eat certain foods or impair nutrient absorption. The psychological effects of being diagnosed with cancer can impair your appetite. Cancer can also speed up your metabolic rate, which means you will have increased requirements for food and energy.

During your course of your treatment it is important that you eat well to; aid recovery and healing, maintain your weight, tolerate the chemo or radiotherapy, help you fight infection, repair damaged tissue and maintain your strength and energy. The dietitians at Spectrum Nutrition will ensure that your nutritional requirements are met.

Nutrition in Cancer Care
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