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High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a form of fat carried in the blood which can stick to and build up on the walls of arteries and blood vessels. This narrows the passage for blood flow and can eventually cause complete blockages or blood clots which can lead to serious consequences like a stroke or heart attack. High Cholesterol in your blood (Dyslipidaemia) is a risk factor for developing heart disease or other cardiovascular diseases so it is important to make sure it remains at a healthy level. 


What to Expect

Irrespective of the type of dyslipidaemia, correcting blood lipid levels will not be our only dietary focus. We believe it is important that the overall diet is one that is balanced and helps to reduce your overall risk of heart disease. Therefore advice will be given in the context of general healthy eating as well as a cardioprotective diet. The ultimate aim is to lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. If there are other elements of your diet which the dietitian is concerned about these will also be addressed.

Treatment Of High Cholesterol

Your first consultation with the dietitian will involve an analysis of your dietary intake, lifestyle habits and body measurements. They will also look at your medical history, medications, stress levels, and any a recent copy of your blood lipid results. A cardioprotective diet plan will be provided that will be individual and suit your preferences. A follow up appointment will be required to assess the outcome of your dietary changes.


Our Expertise

Spectrum Nutrition Dietitians are trained on how to tailor dietary advice and recommend the ideal cardio-protective diet. They can look at your blood lipid profile and tailor dietary advice on this basis, whether you are suffering from low HDL levels (the good cholesterol) or raised Triglycerides or Total cholesterol.

High Cholesterol
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