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Diabetes & Nutrition

Diabetes Type 2 is a long term condition marked by high levels of glucose in the blood. Diabetes Type 2 is a lifestyle disease meaning it is triggered by factors like obesity, low exercise levels, poor diet, increased age or a genetic predisposition to the condition. Type 2 is the more common occurence with 95% of all those diagnosed with diabetes having type 2. 


Symptoms Of diabetes 

People who have type 2 diabetes can produce the adequate amount of insulin but are resistant to it. Insulin is used to help glucose (sugar) enter the blood cells which means those who are resistant to insulin do not receive blood glucose into their blood cells and so the glucose remains circulating in the bloodstream which causes a spike in the level of blood glucose. This is dangerous as high levels of blood glucose causes damage to the blood vessels and can cause further complications, like diabetic foot if left untreated.

Treatment of Diabetes 

Our dietitians can provide you with a customised diabetes meal plan and give you advice and support to cope with the changes you have to make in your dietary intake while adjusting to diabetes.

Our Expertise

A person with diabetes has to take extra caution with their food choices and food intake as they have to make sure their blood glucose level is regulated and certain foods can have an impact on their blood levels. A dietitian is required for the treatment of diabetes type 2 as food monitoring and diet modification are effective forms of treatment to monitor and manage the condition with the aim to keep blood glucose levels balanced.

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