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Cardiovascular Disease

Weight maintenance is often found to be more of a challenge than weight loss as once the target weight has been achieved motivation to stick to healthy habits often dwindles allowing the weight to creep back on. 


Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term for several types of conditions listed above. The symptoms you might experience will vary depending on the type of disease. Often people experience heaviness or tightness in chest, they may have shortness of breath and they might feel light headed or dizzy.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Your first consultation with the dietitian will involve an analysis of your dietary intake, lifestyle habits and body measurements. They will also look at your medical history, medications, stress levels, and any recent blood tests that may be relevant and provide a dietary plan.


Our Expertise

The good news is that cardiovascular disease is treatable and some of the associated symptoms are reversible. Dietitians have a pivotal role in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease as treatment focuses primarily on improving diet and reducing stress.  The overall objective is to slow the progression of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, and if possible, induce disease regression and reduce the risk of complications. Spectrum Nutirion dietitians can provide the advice, support and education required to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease.


Cardiovascular Disease
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