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Food & Snacks in the office

Despite a growing interest in healthy eating, the fast pace of the modern world means that many of us go for food that is tasty, quick, and convenient, rather than the food that is best for us. But as appealing and affordable as the plethora of options available to us may be, what we consume has a major impact on both our mental and physical health.

What Different Food Cravings Really Mean

What Different Food Cravings Really Mean

Whether it’s for the likes of fried chicken and ice cream, or a healthy piece of fruit, we all get hit with sudden food cravings every now and again. It’s easy to put this down to simply being in the mood for a snack you like, but when your body is telling you something, there’s always a reason. Depending on what you crave, your body could be trying to tell you any number of things, and it’s important to listen. Here we’re going to outline some of the main food cravings, and the meanings behind them.

I Thought I Would Lose More Weight By Now?

Many people start running as a part of a general lifestyle change to get fit and lose weight. Running burns a lot of calories (an average of about 100 calories per mile), so you would think that would lead to weight loss. However, this is not always the case with some runners finding they don’t lose any weight. There is no straight forward answer on this, as everyone is different, but here are some things to take into consideration…

How to Shed Those Christmas Pounds

Every year we tell ourselves that we will take it easy on the indulgence over the Christmas season and every year the temptation grows and grows until we are overcome by the turkey, desserts and seasonal treats. This is followed by an impulse New Year’s resolution purchase of a pricey gym membership and a painful diet.

This is the biggest mistake people make because they are not addressing the issue at hand. You need to look at what has caused you to gain weight and how you can counteract these factors to bring you back to a normal, regulated diet and exercise regime.

Heart Healthy Diet

September is Irish Heart Month, which will see a focus across the country on the importance of a healthy diet to support your heart and keep it beating strong for years to come. The key to a heart-healthy diet is knowing your limitations – rather than focusing on the idea of “bad foods” or foods to avoid, the importance is on moderation and being aware of what you’re putting into your body (because it will affect what you get back).